Made in Cape Town by people not machines
Made in Cape Town by people not machines

Quality manufacturing

What we do

Quality, range and convenience

Quality Garments

We understand the requirements of our valued customers and have a comprehensive inventory of the most popular fabrics, colours and finished styles to fulfil all your needs.

Skills backed by experience


Poly Nation offers various branding options to make your range unique. Whether it is for new street fashion or international brands, or for corporate identity or events, we have the skills and facilities to bring your product to life.

What's their secret?

Private Label

We’re a trusted supplier to a host of international brands – and our company has been approved in terms of product quality and ethical behaviour by leading International Brand audits.

In a world of short-cuts and over mechanization in the work-place, it comes as a refreshing change to work with a hands-on, people-first, quality-first operation like Poly Nation.

By positioning themselves as a modern craft-shop, they are able to able to bring far greater flexibility and personalization to our projects and our needs.

Quality, range and convenience

How can we help you?

Whether you’re a corporate, a brand, a shirt-printer, event organizer or hospitality company; we have established a comprehensive inventory of the most popular fabrics, colours and finished styles, but please feel free to chat to us about your customized requirements.

Our Range

  • Mens Crew Neck Tees

  • Ladies Round Neck Tees

  • Kids Tees

  • Hoodies for Kids

  • Hoodies for Adults

  • Sweatshirts for All


In the face of ever-increasing imports and mechanization in the local clothing industry, Poly Nation is committed to manufacturing top-quality, hand-made products right here in South Africa.

Our vision is to use traditional, hand-craft skills in exciting new ways and processes that would benefit our clients by offering greater flexibility, quality and affordability.

Clothing will probably always be the core of our business, but we also produce an ever-increasing range of bags, tableware, home ware and accessories. 

Our 3 Ground Rules

We try be as flexible and versatile to our clients as possible, but since we started our business in 1995, there are 3 principles that define Poly Nation
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Putting People First

We do things the old-fashioned way, the people-fashioned way.
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Private Label

trusted supplier to a host of international brands
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Quality, range and convenience. We only use premium quality combed fabrics.
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Skill of Labour

Our Primary Asset

Conventional manufacturing, considers labour to be an expense that needs to be reduced.  This make no sense in an environment of growing unemployment such as ours is South Africa.  

We decided to turn this thinking around and regard the skill of labour as a primary asset on which to build our success.

Since 1995
made in cape town

5 London Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
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