Made in Cape Town by people not machines
Made in Cape Town by people not machines

Our Brands

carefully curated ranges
Our Brands

Carefully curated ranges

Local retailers are familiar with our in-house brands that specialize in quality South African made products for the tourist and curio markets.
earthlover clothing brands

Our Earth Lover range specializes in outdoor and fashion gear for the nature lover. Inspired by the designs and hues of our wonderful country and continent, our comprehensive range has something for every traveller , local or tourist. Our designs are continuously being refined to be in tune with customer demands. If it is in our range, it means it is a good seller!

ziko eyeware brands
Ziko is funky, contemporary and street smart. The range consists of Eyewear Retainers, functional bags, jewellery  and accessories. Ziko is exported to ten countries.

poly nation homeware brands
Poly Nation Homeware – A range of popular African-inspired home ware that includes a broad range of handy and gift-friendly options. Our unique, hand-painted or silk-printed designs are used to make eye-catching:

  • aprons
  • tea towels
  • printed mugs
  • pencil bags
  • shopping bags
  • microbags
  • placemats
  • potholders

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